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Enough Fatso! Lets Get Started…

Exhaustive studies have shown that more americans are motivated to eat while watching reality weight loss tv than any other tv show, except the food network.  What studies?  Brand new research published december of 2011 by Pfiester, BS,F.A.T, OMG, W.T.F.  at CouchPotatoeCollege; published in American College of IMALooser and the Journal for Fat Trainers or JFFT.

I’ve been on the road non stop all month, and between holiday parties and stress, my pfood life has become one continuous smorgasbord.  Even to the point I can sit down and watch “The Biggest Loser” reruns, and stuff my face while these helpless souls kill themselves to lose weight.  What makes the food taste so much better while watching big people workout?  Yet here I am, almond after almond, Oh no, now a Chobani Yogurt, oops, it’s time for a peanut butter protein shake.  UGHHH I can’t stop!!!!

The realization that I have lost my nutritional mind, and even my will to stop eating begins to set in.  I slip into the bathroom on a commercial just to assess the carnage..  reluctantly I lift my shirt… OMG’sh… WTHeck… Muffin top city!  So I immediately fix the problem… I take off my jeans and put on some stretchy loose-fitting sweats… Ahhhh problem solved… SORTA….

At what point will I be disgusted with this feeling enough to put the rice cakes down?  When will I decide, stress, parties, excuses, are not enough to destroy my hard work, and feeling fat and crappy can’t change my mind about what I know feels good to me.  Hold fast to the fact that “PFIT PFEELS BETTER THAN PFOOD TASTES” (Pfiesterism) See my blog (suck it up! Just be hungry!)

Lets make a plan… Read the rest of this entry


Train Hurt or Go Home! (or should you?)

No matter how careful you are in the gym, sooner or later you will be faced with some sort of achy extremity or throbbing appendage.  What you learn next could redefine how you train during injuries.

I got caught in an arm bar last Monday night at the Forge, where I am learning mma.  Yes, apparently I suck; however, after being caught in this rather precarious maneuver,  I thought my elbow had been broke.  Not so much from my arm going numb, or the excruciating pain in my elbow and shoulder, but mostly because of the huge tearing sound that made my opponent let go and say “did I break it”.  Not exactly what you want to hear.  Now the critical point… Am I just “hurt”,  or am I “injured”.  If I’m hurt but not injured, should I continue fighting or should I rest?  How do I know?

Let’s define the difference between hurting and injuring your body.  Here is my own rough definition:  when you are “hurt”, your body has sustained some sort of benign pathology, or an ouchee, that is sensitive to movement or touch.   The integrity of the tissue is usually not compromised to the point where continued movement will cause more or excessive damage to itself or surrounding tissue.  In other words, you’re ok; it just hurts like a bitch.  And then… and then… there is injury.  I don’t like any of the definitions I googled, so let’s look at some cinnamon’s (ha-I crack myself up) destruction, ruin, impairment, mischief… If tissue is destroyed or ruined, it could be said to be “injured”.  I’m not Webster, but let me make this clear.  When part of your body is compromised to the point that further use is unavailable, or attempting to use said body part may cause more damage, I would define this as an “injury”.  Now knowing these terms, how do we distinguish between being hurt, and being injured, without diagnostic equipment like an X-ray or MRI, or one of those cool scanners that “Dr Bones” had on Star trek?

To determine if you are injured or just hurt, in most cases, you can do a quick field assessment to get a rough idea if you should continue training/fighting/playing.  You must take into consideration your pain threshold when assessing your status.  For instance, if you’re like me, you could have a paper cut and think you need stitches or, on the other end of the spectrum, be like my father in law who could have a bone sticking out of his leg saying, “it just a little bump”.   If the pain was acute from a blow or a spasm, or a movement you just did during exercise, you may need to rest at least a day, as pain, adrenaline, and activity can mask your diagnosis.  Even if the incident is acute, you can still use these principals as long as your better judgment prevails.  This assessment is most accurate for a potential injury sustained over time, when the origin of when the pain began is rather ambiguous.  Usually if you sustain an acute, “potential injury” during training, it is usually best to stop the training session at least for the day, observe the pain pattern, and -of course- ice immediately.

If you find yourself hurting, and wanting to determine if you should train through the pain or not, try these simple rules… Read the rest of this entry

The Grunch Who Stole Fitness

Bonnie wrote the coolest Christmas Blog ever…  IT’s funny but the underlying truth is something you will want to hold onto all year!  Merry Christmas PFIT PEEPS!!!!

The Grunch Who Stole Fitness.

Hurts to Look Hot

Is the statistical data that says you are more likely to die if you don’t exercise enough to prod you to work out?  Or perhaps being out of breath playing with your kids? Or God forbid you’re out of shape younger brother just died of a health related complication?  Mostly the answer is no!  my point,  Death itself isn’t even enough to motivate most of us to start working out, But sure as schmedge,  as soon as your jean shopping and you find yourself trying on 12’s, when you used to be an 8… ohhhh, now you’re ready?

Smoking related deaths are the number one preventable killer in the US, followed by obesity, alcohol, and then sexually transmitted disease.  So unless you are a 400 pound chain smoking nymphomaniac alky-bum, there is hope…  Hope because all of these preventable diseases can be avoided by starting a workout program.. (disclaimer-Nymph’s are on your own) but still, you’re more worried about those jeans… aren’t ya?  Read the rest of this entry

“The Contest of Will”, The World of Figure & Bodybuilding

The starvation… the deprevation… the deteriation.  For a trophy?  Of course not!  This blog is for anyone who has ever thought about competing in figure, fitness, or bodybuilding.  This past-time seems to have no functional ends.  We dont play in a tournament, we dont test the strength of our muscle. We dont test the agility of a motor skill, we dont even have to get out of breath.  Yet compared to any other sport in the world, who deprives themselves more, who trains harder, who else is stripped of there clothing in front of hundereds of strangers?

A Contest of Will
Unlike other contests of skill, this sport is a contest of WILL – especially for those of us who dont have great genetics or perfectly symetriical bodies to start with.  But we train through what we dont have. Not that it is ever overlooked, but maybe for our weakness’s to someday become our strengths.  If we cant be the biggest, we will be the most shredded.  If we cant be the most symetrical,  we will train to overwhelm the judges with Read the rest of this entry

Why I Do What I Do

Lately I have had a chance to ponder why we do what we do.  Hopefully something in our vocation drives us, somehow we get fed.  I think all relationships on all levels have to be the same way.  There is something we get in return for the “everything” we give.

Don’t let things drown out what matters most.
As an owner/operator of a health club I often hear complaints about how loud the music is, or the parking is full, or a certain aerobics class was too full.  When I am not careful these things drown out the one precious moment in my day when someone comes to me to tell me what a difference I, or another staff member, has made in their life. Most of the time it is weight loss and sometimes it is just more energy. Just the other day I got a thank you letter from a husband of a member to thank me for what I have done for his wife’s butt.  Read the rest of this entry

Suck It Up! Just Be Hungry!

Truth Chair…. Ready?  Lately I have been on hiatus from the TV world.  This, for me, means backing off a little on the cardio and losing a tad of momentum in my training.  Oh yah, then there is the damn diet.  Who cares, it may be a month before I am back on camera.  I mean, what could it hurt?   WRONG…. DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!

Even though the thought of being on TV does give an added push to stay motivated in your diet and exercise, it isn’t the only reason to live to a higher standard of training.  I love to hear compliments from people who understand the struggle, and see me as someone beating the “URGE”.  Ok… the “naked truth”. Read the rest of this entry

Left Undone

You know when you meet someone and they have such a gentle spirit that you just know in some way they will be special to you whether or not you invest in a friendship?   Every time you run into them you light up and feel incredibly comfortable opening up to them.  I guess in a way you are just attracted to their humility or smile or energy or whatever…

I met a man like this and never thought anything of it.  I would see him where I work out from time to time.  He has the most beautiful daughter.  She must be 8 or 9 years old.  She is like a little princess following her father around the gym and sometimes shadowing me from time to time.  She was such a delight…  I had to leave for work for a couple of months and fell out of touch.  Because we were not close (for no other reason than my own selfishness), when I returned home I didn’t realize that he was no longer there.  A couple of weeks ago I ran into him in the grocery and I lit up like I always did before when I would see him.  He is just that kind of guy.  He asked me where I had gone and we “bs’d” about my “important TV show” that I had been away taping, and then I asked him what he has been up to.  That is when his smile faded and he swallowed hard… with peace still on his face he began to tell me that his precious daughter had been in a diabetic coma for over a month and also suffered a severe stroke from complications.  My friend Tom knew I had a degree in Physical Therapy and also knew I didn’t work with children but asked, if I was willing, if I would try to help her.  Willing?  I am completely overwhelmed and honored that he would even ask! That was at least three weeks ago.  Since then Read the rest of this entry

Supplements on the Road

A few products I took for the road while in NYC with FitFluential.

…and for those of you who asked me what I thought about one more rep – I really liked it. I got a great pump and it brought out vascularity.

More info, news and reviews coming really soon!

What’s it Worth?

I don’t know that anyone is inherently just drawn to enjoy dragging their “out of shape lazy butt” into a gym, or basement for that matter, and really enjoy the euphoria of that “warm and nauseous feeling”.  What makes someone finally sell out to a fit lifestyle and not “restart” every Monday, or have 365 “do-overs” for their new years resolution to lose that 20-50 pounds that they have had since their 3rd child (yes, you guys too), but really, really do it.

After 25 years of trudging through the emotional and psychological trenches of this beautifully simple question, I have narrowed it down to 3 sobering and motivating life-changing reasons some people make permanent changes to our physique and physiology:

  1. We, or someone we care for, has been told they will die if we don’t make some very real dietary changes and increase our all over fitness.
  2. The realization that entropy (degrading energy) is a very real result of life. Every day we have less and less energy, yet we are eating more and more, finally becoming sick of being sick
  3. Aesthetics… there I said it.  Many of us are tired of buying clothes that we don’t even like just because they are the best choice to hide 5 or more of our 2000 parts.

Many of us fall into a little of all three of these reasons, but others Read the rest of this entry

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