Left Undone

You know when you meet someone and they have such a gentle spirit that you just know in some way they will be special to you whether or not you invest in a friendship?   Every time you run into them you light up and feel incredibly comfortable opening up to them.  I guess in a way you are just attracted to their humility or smile or energy or whatever…

I met a man like this and never thought anything of it.  I would see him where I work out from time to time.  He has the most beautiful daughter.  She must be 8 or 9 years old.  She is like a little princess following her father around the gym and sometimes shadowing me from time to time.  She was such a delight…  I had to leave for work for a couple of months and fell out of touch.  Because we were not close (for no other reason than my own selfishness), when I returned home I didn’t realize that he was no longer there.  A couple of weeks ago I ran into him in the grocery and I lit up like I always did before when I would see him.  He is just that kind of guy.  He asked me where I had gone and we “bs’d” about my “important TV show” that I had been away taping, and then I asked him what he has been up to.  That is when his smile faded and he swallowed hard… with peace still on his face he began to tell me that his precious daughter had been in a diabetic coma for over a month and also suffered a severe stroke from complications.  My friend Tom knew I had a degree in Physical Therapy and also knew I didn’t work with children but asked, if I was willing, if I would try to help her.  Willing?  I am completely overwhelmed and honored that he would even ask! That was at least three weeks ago.  Since then I have all the usual excuses.  A huge business project went south, 20 year high school reunion, more castings for other TV shows…  and this last one that has now changed everything…  My cousins’ funeral.

Danielle was my age when just last week her precious husband Eric found her lifeless in their room.  They are the type of couple that invests everything into everyone else.  Even now I am guilt ridden writing with tears because I never thanked her for the beautiful Christmas gifts she handmade and the honey she shipped me.  And not just me…  Yesterday Eric told me about the little kids in their neighborhood that Danielle helped in school.  These kids being raised by single parents that couldn’t invest time into them but her and Eric found the time to make a difference.  And my God, the animals that these people would rehab and find homes for.  No creature to small and no child to low… they gave of themselves and did it joyfully.

Well just now I have dug around in my office to find the phone number Tom gave me a month ago.  It took me about a half hour to dig through hundreds of little scrap sheets of paper that I have pulled from my wallet over the past month,  but here I sit with his number in my hand.  I feel like Danielle and Eric are saying here is a second chance.  Don’t leave this undone…  Her death has challenged me to reach out where I can.  To finish or even begin the things that we have left undone.

Next time you feel that easiness with someone.  You can look in their eyes and you know you feel compassion for the kind of person they are…  Why not invest in a cup of coffee.  Next time it might not be them needing you… perhaps it will be you needing them…


About Steve Pfiester

Certified CrossFit, TRX, Kettlebell Athletics Trainer with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Owner of Longevity Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp.

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