“The Contest of Will”, The World of Figure & Bodybuilding

The starvation… the deprevation… the deteriation.  For a trophy?  Of course not!  This blog is for anyone who has ever thought about competing in figure, fitness, or bodybuilding.  This past-time seems to have no functional ends.  We dont play in a tournament, we dont test the strength of our muscle. We dont test the agility of a motor skill, we dont even have to get out of breath.  Yet compared to any other sport in the world, who deprives themselves more, who trains harder, who else is stripped of there clothing in front of hundereds of strangers?

A Contest of Will
Unlike other contests of skill, this sport is a contest of WILL – especially for those of us who dont have great genetics or perfectly symetriical bodies to start with.  But we train through what we dont have. Not that it is ever overlooked, but maybe for our weakness’s to someday become our strengths.  If we cant be the biggest, we will be the most shredded.  If we cant be the most symetrical,  we will train to overwhelm the judges with pronounced and seperated muscle.

There is a reason our firends dont follow suit with us and try our unforgiving sport.  Many can train and diet for a while, but can they diet even when they are hungry, or can they train when they are tired.  My favorite is when someone tells me those “figure contestants” just have more time to work out. Ughhh!!!  One of my clients had 3 teenage kids, owned a business, and was over 35 years old when she started training – and she won first place at her first show.

Why??  Why do it? 
Every show your  reasons may change.  But every year there has to be something that we  must  find to drive us to deprevation.  Whether it be pride, insecurity, fear…  because fun isnt enough.  Oh yeah, it is fun – but that just isn’t enough.  Vanity?  Oh there is that also,  but that isn’t enough.  I think the greatest factor that ever drives me is knowing no matter what I have that controls me, no matter what I have to fight against that seems to always kick my butt, I CAN control how hard I train and only I have power over what I eat.

I can’t make someone else believe in what I can accomplish, but their unbelief and negative spirit drives me to accomplish so much more!


About Steve Pfiester

Certified CrossFit, TRX, Kettlebell Athletics Trainer with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Owner of Longevity Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp.

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