Why I Do What I Do

Lately I have had a chance to ponder why we do what we do.  Hopefully something in our vocation drives us, somehow we get fed.  I think all relationships on all levels have to be the same way.  There is something we get in return for the “everything” we give.

Don’t let things drown out what matters most.
As an owner/operator of a health club I often hear complaints about how loud the music is, or the parking is full, or a certain aerobics class was too full.  When I am not careful these things drown out the one precious moment in my day when someone comes to me to tell me what a difference I, or another staff member, has made in their life. Most of the time it is weight loss and sometimes it is just more energy. Just the other day I got a thank you letter from a husband of a member to thank me for what I have done for his wife’s butt. 

Many days I hear the compaints and the complements and go about my day.  At other times I am so disturbed from the petty complaints and negative enregy I am in a funk all week.  But oh those other sweet times… when I stop to smell the roses.  I will sit back in my chair, I will remember the sweet face standing in front of me as I replay in my mind the success story of someone we’ve helped.

Many people suffer from depression, and cardiac or respiratory problems.  Some of us have othopedic issues or just pain in general due to aging.  Others of us struggle with our weight, nutrition and activity level.  Whatever the issues are.. fitness can be a big part of the solution.

There is no pill, but there is hope.  There is no fad diets, but there is education.  There is no 10 min workout video, but there is consistency with your training.  You dont have to do a marathon tomorrow, but you need activity.  You dont have to eat salad for the rest of your life, but you need to cut down on your portions.  What ever healthy changes you make, make them for life.  You decide who you want to be, and then BE it!!!

Why I do what I do?
I get to re-define people everyday.  The 145 pound 5ft5in  business owner who is now a professional figure model.  The 200 pound band geek who now is a fire fighter-paramedic saving lives – and now is one of my trainers changing lives.  Or a Stewardess that cant fly due to a bilateral knee replacement that couldn’t kneel to perform CPR is now back on the plane. THAT’S why I do what I do!


About Steve Pfiester

Certified CrossFit, TRX, Kettlebell Athletics Trainer with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Owner of Longevity Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp.

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