Hurts to Look Hot

Is the statistical data that says you are more likely to die if you don’t exercise enough to prod you to work out?  Or perhaps being out of breath playing with your kids? Or God forbid you’re out of shape younger brother just died of a health related complication?  Mostly the answer is no!  my point,  Death itself isn’t even enough to motivate most of us to start working out, But sure as schmedge,  as soon as your jean shopping and you find yourself trying on 12’s, when you used to be an 8… ohhhh, now you’re ready?

Smoking related deaths are the number one preventable killer in the US, followed by obesity, alcohol, and then sexually transmitted disease.  So unless you are a 400 pound chain smoking nymphomaniac alky-bum, there is hope…  Hope because all of these preventable diseases can be avoided by starting a workout program.. (disclaimer-Nymph’s are on your own) but still, you’re more worried about those jeans… aren’t ya? 

The truth is the fabulous world of fitness provides so many brilliant physiological changes that will make us feel better and live longer, better.  But still what motivates us is aesthetics, the way we look.  I’ll prove it with a quick example.  Ladies, you will wear high heels come hell or high water.  Your feet can be killing you, and still you will wear your “hoochie-momma” shoes because they are… ridiculously hot looking.  So regardless of how you feel, how you look determines the extremes you are willing to put your body through.  And exercise is no different.  But what if on our way to looking amazingly hot you could also begin to feel more energy, more alertness, sleep better, feel stronger, and yes, more confident and attractive.  Well, you can.

I wish I was this high and mighty trainer type that could tell you I work out so that my resting pulse is 51bpm, my cholesterol and blood sugar is perfect, my blood pressure is 110/70 and I don’t care how I look… But I can’t.  Truth be known… even if working out had the opposite effect on health,  but it made us look better, chances are I’d sell out and still exercise even if it killed me.  Good news is, those were my actual numbers from my last blood test, and on our way to size 6 jeans (sorry gentlemen) we get to reap the benefits of health along the way.

The point I’m making is so often we are more motivated to look good than even feel good, and fitness is no different.  Workouts may burn, they might even downright hurt, no worse than high heels, but if we endure, you will soon be so ridiculously hot.


About Steve Pfiester

Certified CrossFit, TRX, Kettlebell Athletics Trainer with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Owner of Longevity Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp.

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