Enough Fatso! Lets Get Started…

Exhaustive studies have shown that more americans are motivated to eat while watching reality weight loss tv than any other tv show, except the food network.  What studies?  Brand new research published december of 2011 by Pfiester, BS,F.A.T, OMG, W.T.F.  at CouchPotatoeCollege; published in American College of IMALooser and the Journal for Fat Trainers or JFFT.

I’ve been on the road non stop all month, and between holiday parties and stress, my pfood life has become one continuous smorgasbord.  Even to the point I can sit down and watch “The Biggest Loser” reruns, and stuff my face while these helpless souls kill themselves to lose weight.  What makes the food taste so much better while watching big people workout?  Yet here I am, almond after almond, Oh no, now a Chobani Yogurt, oops, it’s time for a peanut butter protein shake.  UGHHH I can’t stop!!!!

The realization that I have lost my nutritional mind, and even my will to stop eating begins to set in.  I slip into the bathroom on a commercial just to assess the carnage..  reluctantly I lift my shirt… OMG’sh… WTHeck… Muffin top city!  So I immediately fix the problem… I take off my jeans and put on some stretchy loose-fitting sweats… Ahhhh problem solved… SORTA….

At what point will I be disgusted with this feeling enough to put the rice cakes down?  When will I decide, stress, parties, excuses, are not enough to destroy my hard work, and feeling fat and crappy can’t change my mind about what I know feels good to me.  Hold fast to the fact that “PFIT PFEELS BETTER THAN PFOOD TASTES” (Pfiesterism) See my blog (suck it up! Just be hungry!) http://pfitpfun.com/2011/12/21/suck-it-up-just-be-hungry/

Lets make a plan…

Before I decide what, when, and how I’m gonna do it, I need to establish WHY.see blog (hurts to look hot) http://pfitpfun.com/2011/12/23/hurts-to-look-hot/      Why… because I miss the way I felt just a few weeks ago.  I hate what I’m doing to my body.  I hate the way my clothes fit.  I hate being insecure when Bonnie touches my waist. I miss my energy, I miss the ability to focus and feel good about my self… and call me crazy, but I really miss training hard, harder than I can fueled on junk food.  So why?  To look, feel, focus, and train better.  Now onto what, when, and how…

If you have ever journaled your food and workouts, please go dig up that diary from the last time you felt amazing.  It is so important to journal so we can repeat, and constantly improve how we feel and move.  If you have no journal, or it is a new process for you, get online to get some help.  BcX boot camp with fit studio is an amazing tool that will help. http://www.fitstudio.com/programs/bcx    Just get involved with some sort of structured program where you can follow at your own pace, but you also have accountability for when your pace slows.

The last question is when?… Right now!  DONT go finish that last beer so you can start tomorrow, or eat the last bit of ice cream.  If you are reading this… YOU ARE READY NOW.  Find a fit picture of yourself from the recent  past or of someone you want to set a goal to look like, and post it?  Your commitment started right now,  At the close of this blog, I want you to start your new trek to being fit by moving to the floor… yes, right now, and give me 10 sit ups, and 10 push ups, then sprint to your kitchen and get rid of any crap that will impede your progress to accomplish your WHY! Next, get online and find a program or information about a program that you believe will help you fulfill your WHY.

OK… hit the deck and give me TEN!!!!!


About Steve Pfiester

Certified CrossFit, TRX, Kettlebell Athletics Trainer with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Owner of Longevity Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp.

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  1. Thanks Steve! (man I miss training with you dude!) Need motvation right now…want to feel good again! Thanks for your post! Soooo not worth eating all the junkand not staying discipluned…makes you feel soooo gross! Im done….I so agree with what you said here! You ROCK! Blessings, Lis

    • Awe.. I miss training you Lis’… I know you have what it takes to get it started… Go for it.. Come by if yoiu need help.

  2. Steve you are too much! You and Bonnie, amazing motivators and a huge inspiration!


    Theresa Noach

  3. Haha. lol I just saw this on christina’s feed. I guess its bad when ur bad food are rice cakes and peanut butter protein shakes and mine are nutella and cool whip!!!

    • Nope… those are just the ones I toldja about… It has been bad… soooooooo bad….. Thank the Lord for tape worms!

  4. Just had an awesome workout the the Pfiester 3PM crew! The old, out of shape diabetic is feeling & seeing the change.
    Thanks Steve!

  5. Steve,
    What a great post. Really honest & gutsy, and so helpfulnto all of us who think fit pros have it all perfect. You & Bonnie continue to in ire me to push harder & expect excellence. You’re the best!

  6. Nom, nom, nom……Just kidding guys, lol. If I’m not in Max Fitness next week to work out send someone over to kick my butt!

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