Muscle Head Flap Jacks

Late wednesday night I was laying in bed, going through my twitter feeds.  I saw a short tweet about perfect protein pancakes and, like a moth to a flame… I was intrigued.  I clicked on @bridgetnicole26 (awesome pfollow might I add) and it took me to Bridget Nicole’s site among all the kick-butt pics and info I saw two amazing things…

One was a protein pancake recipe, and the other was a promo I shot for my very own treadmill video. Yessirreee,  Pfiester was on Bridg’s “Sweatandsavor” blog.  (Cue running man music!) OK, sorry.  Even though my own narcasism was severly disturbed getting to see the treadz promo, my apetite won out and I intensly studdied Bridget Nicoles protein pancake recipe as if it was a lost dead sea scroll.  All the rope memorization does no good in a recipe unless the Lab Tech or  “cook” is willing to follow said recipe.  The video that follows shows the chaotic carnage… Enjoy

There were no animals or humans hurt or injured in the making of this video…

Bridget Nicole’s Perfect Pancake Recipe (the REAL one!)
-one scoop of vanilla protein powder (we use GNC’s Amplified 60 Whey)
-one Tbsp of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake mix
-3/4 tsp of baking soda
-half banana mashed 
-1/2 tsp of cinnamon 
-1 tsp of vanilla extract
-about 1/4 cup of egg whites
-about 1/8 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk 


About Steve Pfiester

Certified CrossFit, TRX, Kettlebell Athletics Trainer with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Owner of Longevity Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp.

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  1. Hey Steve,

    After watching your extreme workout video (excellent), a video followed it on U Tube…. “Bootiology” LOL. Seriously though, if a pill can take fat from the stomach area and deposit it in the trunk…. that’s friggin awesome!

  2. $author, I love your website! Thanks fo rthe amazing post!

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