“Mikey” He’ll try anything

Remember back to the mid 1970’s, there was the LIFE CEREAL commercial about “Mikey”.  He was the boy who would eat anything.  Well, when it comes to health and nutrition, I am your “Mikey”.  If you told me honey badger feces’ would make me stronger, faster, fitter, with no side effects, then I would find a way to cook it, drink it, or smoke it.

As a skeptic, I am a tad bit negative when it comes to speaking the truth.  I seem to always start off with a pessimistic attitude towards new supplements, fitness gadgets, shoes, etc…  But I’m also able to keep an open mind and give credit where credit is due.  Recently I have been approached by GNC to try out their newest line of products that GNC will be launching this year, the, BEYOND RAW line.

GNC must have complete confidence in these products if they are going to bring these products and promises into my house, as they fully know I am going to bash them if their promises are empty.  My credibility to review supplements and the pursuance of truth is dependent on my opinion staying independent from what GNC’s hopes and feelings are.  With that being said, I am also putting my body and health in their hands for 60 days.

I have some big shoots and shows coming up, and by April, I need to look and perform at my best, and at 41,  I ain’t getting any younger.  I will let the pictures and video’s speak for themselves.  In the off-chance you see me shirtless, don’t be a douschtard and call me fat, I’m very sensitive like that… must be my “metro side”… but for proving or disproving the efficacy of the BEYOND RAW line, I’m willing to take my clothes off.

The Pros:
I’ve never seen a company so pursuant of filling a need of their clients as the research and development GNC has put into this line.  Another positive, I have been a student of exercise,  nutrition and physiology my entire adult life, earning degrees in everything from nutrition to physical therapy. I guess I’ve always been my own science project, as I applied my education to my training, diet and contest preparation over the last 20 years from mma to bodybuilding. So I have a good understanding of what it will take, apart from these supplements, to reach the level of physique necessary for the media events that are coming my way in 60 days.  GNC… don’t let me down.  Only time and training will tell.

The Cons:
Once I start there is no going back, my immediate future is in GNC’s  hands.  Change or no change, I will stay committed to the RAW program.  Secondly, when it comes to taking pics without my shirt on… I’m a little bit of a girl.  Lastly, if RAW doesn’t work, I will do my best to explain why, but chances of offending some very experienced researchers will be imminent.

Check back in weekly and I will take you step by step through the products and the results.  Whether the results are positive, or negative…

Stay tuned…  BEYOND RAW… or bust


About Steve Pfiester

Certified CrossFit, TRX, Kettlebell Athletics Trainer with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Owner of Longevity Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp.

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  1. That was nice to take the time to say so… I boot leged it too. I’ll pop in and read your blog.

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