Beyond-Raw Journal “FINALE”

Who wants to try something new when it really counts?  That’s exactly what GNC and FitFluential asked me to do.  GNC asked me to use this amazing new line of products they call their “Beyond-Raw” line to get ready for my next event.  Normally I would accept and try anything with no reservation… EXCEPT this time I really needed to be in tip-top condition.  Not just for photos, but Bonnie and I and a group of nationally recognized trainers were leading a Fitness Retreat in Cancun Mexico (pictured below) for Fit Studio and My destination wellness.

As a trainer,  on-lookers compare what you are saying by living it.  In other words, our words are validated by our physiques.  There are no excuses when you talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.  So I had my reservations.  I didn’t want to be judged a hypocrite if this “stuff” just didn’t work.  I know how to dial in my training, and I know how to tweak my diet down to the last calorie.  I can cut 12 pounds of water in 6 hours… but what was I thinking when I told GNC -DAN to send the Beyond-Raw supplement to Florida?  It was on.  Didn’t help that I was starting this “experiment” at the heaviest and softest I’ve been in over 6 years.  Or that I only had 2 months to drop about 20 pounds or 6% body fat.  But a deal is a deal… It had better work.

The first month I cut back on the calories and began the supplementation and immediately I lost about 5 pounds in the first two weeks.  I was floored.  I was thinking to myself, this is a cakewalk.  AND THEN…. n o t h i n g… for the next month.  I couldn’t get the scale to move.  I resorted back to a body composition report and realized… my body fat was indeed decreasing as I lost 3 more pounds of fat but gained 3 pounds of muscle.  I’m almost 42 years old.  I haven’t gained muscle in over 6 years.  I redid the body comp every day for a week because I thought I was dreaming.  I dropped from almost 13% body fat to 9.1 in less than a month. This gave me a fever to push as hard as I could.  The discipline to eat and supplement perfectly was effortless because I was seeing my body respond daily.  Don’t get me wrong, after the initial loss, I was discouraged, but after the body comp showed the mass gain… I was sold out for the “Beyond Raw” line.  I wanted all I could get.

The question is,  after your training, after your nutrition, how much can supplementation really do???  Listen; genetics, training and nutrition can only take you to the edge. When you are ready to jump, you better be packing “Beyond-Raw“.

Before & After:
Here are my “RAW” pics – and a couple photos from a photo shoot I took the same weekend as my after shot.

Here’s what I did:

I started my day, training or no training,  with one scoop of RE-GROW.  In short, this protein is formulated to increase lean muscle anabolism and decrease  lean catabolism.  If we can train hard and not break down muscle, and still stimulate growth… then I want more.

Next I would take Re-Fine before training.  If I wasnt weight training I’d take Re-Fine before conditioning, even if it was yoga.  What I loved about this pre-workout thermogenic is I was able to stay focused during the rush.  Didn’t notice the fat loss until it mattered most.  From 9% to 6% it was completely apparent.

I used the Re-Power as a recovery drink.  The BCAA are made to absorb fast and preserve muscle, and prepare them for the next bout of intense training.  It is one of those supplements that you can feel working to repair muscle.  The last supplement was the most confusing for me, and the one that forced me to do a little research to understand the mechanisms at work.

Re-forge is taken at bed time. Anyone who schools themselves on rest and repair is aware of how important our endocrine function is at night.  This is when our body is re-pairing and re-building the cells that we spent brutalizing all day.  Re-Forge is what is responsible to encourage our body to release the right hormones and enzymes to maximize repair and lean muscle growth during our sleep cycle.

So there it is… My Journey that took me “Beyond-Raw“.  The before and afters were for me only, but a picture is worth a thousand words.  When you have gotten every ounce of muscle out of your training and nutrition, i hope you do your self a favor and try “Beyond-Raw”  it’s truly “BEYOND-RAW

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


About Steve Pfiester

Certified CrossFit, TRX, Kettlebell Athletics Trainer with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Owner of Longevity Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp.

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  1. milesmusclesmom

    great work and nice review! the re-forge is something i’ll check out!

  2. I feel like the “before and after” shots could have been taken on the same day; there isn’t that great of a difference that couldn’t have otherwise been produced by lighting, spray tan, a change of shorts, and lifting for a few minutes.

    • Lucky for me I kept my INBODY Composition… I thought I included the changes in my blog. I gained 5 pounds of muscle in under 3 months and Lost almost 10 pounds of fat. Good luck doing that in a day… LOL

      • You should be ashamed as some one who calls themselves a “professional”. You openly lied on here and stated that you lost fat and gained muscle by using supplements by gnc. Besides the lack of morality this shows it also shows that you do not respect science at all even though you preach that you do.

        So first you state muscle gain while in a deficit of calories while fat loss was happening. This is naturally impossible unless you are novice to lifting and or severely overweight and start to weight train. Since you are or were neither your statement is false.

        Second you credit some of your weight loss to the Beyond raw supplements and all the credit to your magical body re-comp to them as well. Yet you don’t tell us anything about your nutrition during your use of these supplements (besides that you cut calories), the “amazing” five pounds you lost in the beginning was that because of that under formulated fat burner Refine? Or could you have reduced carbs enough and over all calories so water loss was high along with glycogen? Your quick to assuming the amazingness of these supplements with out taking in fact any other variables that were going on during this, not very science of you.

        Lastly you dig a deeper hole within this post by saying you are to loose 20 pounds in 2 months and then later (as I have stated above) tell us how you lost fat and gained muscle in this time. This come out to be 10 pounds a month and for someone who is (as you stated) 13% body fat and natural is a hard thing to accomplish with out high loss of muscle. Anyone who looks at these supplements and understands them can see that caffeine, protein powder, BCAA (which is a simpler form of protein) and some small doses of herbs and DHEA is not going to give you a miracle that you present to your fans here.

        I couldn’t see this and just let the blatant lies that you spread not be questioned. The only people who are able to do similar feats like this are IFBB pro’s who take a upward of 5g of anabolic steroid cocktails daily. Even then they with all their supper supplements cant lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle in under 3 months.

      • You are what I refer to as a “Douschtard” You absolutely can gain muscle (measurable) while in a caloric deficit. That is science. And not for a second do I credit any supplement for any effects on the body above food. Which is why they are called “supplements”. They begin where our nutrition ends. Me singing praises about GNC’s supplements are two fold. One is… they are developed by people who have forgotten more about nutrition than you will ever know and also because I am measuring them against other programs and supplements I have tried without changing my macro nutrition or lifting protocol. So stick it in your ear… 🙂

      • A lot of beginners make these same mistakes you are making. Its ok, and I totally understand… If you get time… drop by and I can teach you how this works. thanks for dropping in.

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