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4 Lefts Turns to Success

left turnSo it occurs to me that the shape we are in, or not in… is not from just one big decision or choice. We didn’t just decide to, all the sudden, get lazy and fat.  It was multiple small choices we were faced, over a certain period of time, that led us to being sedentary and out of shape.

In the same way, waking up this morning and making the huge comitment to being in shape, in and of itself, will not inherrently “make you in shape”. It is going to depend on how you react to the small choices you will face in the coming days, after making the decision to being in better shape. Assuming you have already thought about your goals, and you have the desire to get healthy…

Here are “4 left turns” to get you back on track

IMG_00941. Do not put off your workout.  Workout the first chance you get.  As your day goes, the likelihood of “circumstances” preventing you from training becomes exponential with every additional minute.

2. Preplan a menu.  Try to prepare to eat properly all week by preparing food over the weekend – and bring a few snacks and meals with you to leave at work or in your purse.  Making good food choices is always about being prepared for the unexpected meeting or appointment.

3. Preplan your workouts.  Have a plan of attack and purpose for the entire week.  Set goals for your workout, and keep a journal. Find a web site that can help you plan a great workout to achieve your goals. i.e. or

4. Plan for setbacks.  If you miss a workout, legitimately, get started again immediately.  You are not going to lose momentum by missing one workout.  It’s when this becomes a pattern that we begin to “backslide”.  If it becomes a pattern, figure out what needs to change.  Is it too late in the day, scheduling conflict, to tired on that day? What ever it is, figure it out, and make the changes required to stick to your schedule and plan!


There’s Only 1 Thing You Should Quit

never give up

30-Minute Conditioning Workout

Got a half hour and wanna tax your aerobic capacity but want some strength work too?
Check this out… and then #getafterit !

reebok crossfit oneFIRST CIRCUIT:

(5 Burpee’s/10 pullups)  X’s  5 rounds

(5 Burpees/10 push-press) X’s 5 rounds
#85 men & #45 she-men

(5 Burpee’s/10 squats)   X’s  5 rounds
#135men & #85 she-men)

(5 Burpess’s/10 straight bar curls)  X’s 5 rounds
#75 men & 35 she-men

then…”THE RUSH”:
straight through for five rounds.
men use #75  she-men use #45

15 burpees’s
5 pull ups
5 push press
5 squats
5 bicep curls
repeat for five total rounds

30-45 minutes of sure fitness bliss… I dare ya!

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No More Weakness

Mental fortitude is as important for me as physical fortitude.  My parents were Old School German Disciplinarians.  My fathers’ favorite quote was “brains, not brawn”.  I like to think I married them both. Physical aptitude is secondary to cerebral prowess.

body vs brain

Things I think about:

Your body won’t do what your brain won’t allow.

Fear of failing fuels me both mentally and physically. 

My weakness is allowing my doubt, or my fears, to get a head start and lobby my brain for even a second of attention. 

When I push out doubt… and I will, there is nothing I can’t finish!

It Won’t Be Easy, But It WILL be Worth It! #respectyourself


After I wrote my blog yesterday, Bonnie made this mantra to help us all remember what we are working so hard for.

2013 I will be GNC


FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hello 2013. What now?

feeling fatYou’ve been here before… feeling down, fat, depressed, unsure, anxious, and a little hopeless?  I’ve been there too, and to some extent,  I’m finding myself “there” right now.  I was so determined to maintain a good diet and physique during the holidays. I don’t want to mess up a years worth of hard work… oops…  EPIC FAIL….

So here we are… what we do next will determine how we feel and look in 2013.  Perhaps you are here every January first, or this is your first time questioning your commitment to choosing a healthier, fitter lifestyle.  Either way, our approach is the same.  Commitment is key.  Prepare for the carnage that pursues… This is what you can expect.


Expect to be hungry, sore, fatigued, overwhelmed, angry, sad, anxious, ready to give up, scared to give up, scared to try, knocked down, drained, confused, ….  AND… EMPOWERED, STRONG, FIT, HEALTHY, PEACE, INVINCIBLE, HAPPY, FULL OF ENERGY, JOY, ACCOMPLISHED, VALIDATED, VALUED.

If we “enter in” with realistic expectations and goals, we’ll be more apt to stick to our goals. Here we go!

steve in reebok1. MAKE SOME GOALS (long and short-term)
… not just weight loss, but also some performance goals, emotional goals, and even vacation or financial goals. (Set rewards ahead of time to enjoy as you meet your goals)

…Know the caloric cost of everything you put into your body. TRACK YOUR CALORIES IN. Make at least a one-week menu.

…make it realistic and keep your goals in mind

4. CHART YOUR PROGRESS (even on bad days)
…attendance, calories, workouts, and mood

Even if we have to start over every Monday morning, you continue to drag yourself into the kitchen and continue to fight against that craving.  Then show up to your workouts and “gut” it out. Remember, anything you do is better than doing nothing.  Lastly,  track everything.  Many times we are more successful than we think, but we need to chart the data to stay accountable and on track. THIS IS YOUR YEAR TO MAKE A CHANGE!!!!!!

Like my shirt?
This is one of Reebok‘s newest shirts from their 2013 line with motivational quotes on the sleeve. Trust me, you’re going to love the stuff coming out this year! #getafterit

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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