Cardio for Haters

Cardio for Haters

Treadmill, Dreadmill!

Cardio for HatersInstead of just getting on the “dreadmill” for an hour straight and losing your mind, why not break up your time and even increase your intensity?  Just the thought of long booooring cardio puts a scowl on my face.  Instead, think about 3 or 4 ten-minute bouts of intense cardio instead of a 45 minute grind.  I feel better already!

Pros & Cons

1. It won’t train your body to sustain long distances
2. …. Hmm, still thinking
3. If you watch a tv show while doing cardio, you will have to turn it off after 10 minutes

1. More intensity = more calories burned
2. Prevents breakdown of joints and repetitive injuries
3. Intense intervals will increase metabolic drive post-workout (burning more calories throughout your day)
4. Will gain more lean tone from increased intensity
5. Less risk of burning lean mass throughout your workout
6. Will train your body to burn fat, instead of storing fat
7. Cross training makes this a full-body cardio workout

Cario and Abs Workout

10 minutes of elliptical at a moderately high resistance and RPM (remember its only 10 minutes), immediately followed by 5 minutes of a ab curcuit.

a. 45 seconds of plate crunch‘s / 15 second break
b. 45 seconds of incline reverse crunch(decline roll ups) / 15 second break
c. 45 seconds of bicycle crunch‘s / 15 second break
d. 45 seconds of plate crunch / 15 second break
e. 45 seconds of incline reverse crunch(decline roll ups) / 15 second break

10 minutes on Treadmill.  Start with a jog.  Set a pace (6.5mph) for all odd minutes, every other minute (even’s). Increase the speed and incline to increase intensity.

Minute 1.. 6.5mph @ 0% incline
Minute 2.. 7mph @ 3%
Minute 3.. Back to 6.5mph @ 0%
Minute 4.. 7.5mph @ 5% etc….

After 10 minutes of intense cardio, add another 5 minute circuit – maybe like this one:
5 minutes of leg press… 15 seconds on/15 seconds rest for 10 rounds.

This is only two rounds, so be creative and add the body parts you want to HIIT…Enjoy!

Have a Treadmill & Want Fun Workouts?

Try my Dueling Treadmills workout show on LiveExercise. CLICK HERE (or on the video below) to watch a sample!

Treadmill workout



About Steve Pfiester

Certified CrossFit, TRX, Kettlebell Athletics Trainer with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Owner of Longevity Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp.

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    Great workout by Steve Pfiester!! Definitely a good way to mix things up so cardio isn’t so darn boring!!!

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