Spring into Spring Workout

I just dug up this old workout – totally killer. totally hard. totally awesome. Tone up, shed fat and burn calories in this plyometric workout!

Spring into Spring1ST COUPLET
25 Plyo Jumps on Box
25 Surfers on Box
(3 Times)

25 Double Unders
25 Skaters
(3 Times)

25 Knee Ups
25 Plyo Alligator Push Ups
(3 Times)

My new favorite shoe for this type of training:
Reebok’s CrossFit Nanos

I just got these shoes this month. I customized mine, complete with “BCX TRAINER” on the back heel – and they are awesome. These shoes are great for plyos, quick sprints & heavy lifts. The shoe is light and the sole grips the ground great. You definitely don’t have to do CrossFit to enjoy the CrossFit line of shoes. They are totally versatile – and great for anyone. The only thing they are not really made for is long distance runs.

CrossFit Nano 2.0

CrossFit Nano 2.0


FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


About Steve Pfiester

Certified CrossFit, TRX, Kettlebell Athletics Trainer with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. Owner of Longevity Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp.

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  1. May consider these. I know I’m due for new ones. What store did you get yours? Fitchick007’s nomination for the Liebster Award brought me here

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