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HARD CORE: Upper Body & Core Workout

LiveExercise Hard Core WorkoutThis conditioning circuit will toast the shoulders and core. Do this one circuit alone, or do all the workouts (including this one) in our last LiveXfit show (Episode 7) at (or on Live Exercise on Roku).

WARNING: Don’t go to a comedy for a few days, your sides will be too sore to laugh. 😛


10 Double Unders
10 Push Ups
10 Squat Thrusts
60 Seconds of Plank

Do 3 Times Through with NO rest between exercises. Add more rounds for more intensity!


Hiit It Hard! 30-Minute HIIT Workout

Ramp up your traditional Strength Program with some plyo moves, using the HIIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) method. I wrote this workout for Try it with Scott this week, or do it on your own!

Hiit It Hard Workout

60-Sec Squat Jumps Squat jumps
30-Sec Barbell or Dumbbell Squats
30-Sec Rest

60-Sec Burpees
30-Sec Dumbbell Shoulder Press
30-Sec Rest

60-Sec Mountain Climbers
30-Sec Band Push Ups
30-Sec Rest

tuck jumps60-Sec Big-Axe Jacks 
30-Sec Dumbbell Lateral Raise
30-Sec Rest

60-Sec Tuck Jumps
30-Sec Dumbbell or Barbel Bicep Curls
30-Sec Rest

Do Entire Workout 3 TIMES for a 30-minute workout.

Even if you already hit it hard – HIIT It Harder! 

hiit it hard workout

Reediculous Shoulder Workout

Everyone who knows I love intense workouts. I believe going through the motions of a standard boring workout routine is a waste of time, so I’m always working hard to develop ways to boost intensity and results. After I put it to the test, I put clients through it – and if it gets the Reediculous Reeaction and Reesult I want, THEN, I share it with YOU!  Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

Reediculous Shoulder Workout (repeat 3 x)
10 Reediculous Shoulder Press
10 Reediculous Lateral Raise
10 Reediculous Front Raise
10 2-Pump Rear Delt Fly

Now! It’s time to #getafterit! 

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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