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Hiit It Hard! 30-Minute HIIT Workout

Ramp up your traditional Strength Program with some plyo moves, using the HIIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) method. I wrote this workout for Try it with Scott this week, or do it on your own!

Hiit It Hard Workout

60-Sec Squat Jumps Squat jumps
30-Sec Barbell or Dumbbell Squats
30-Sec Rest

60-Sec Burpees
30-Sec Dumbbell Shoulder Press
30-Sec Rest

60-Sec Mountain Climbers
30-Sec Band Push Ups
30-Sec Rest

tuck jumps60-Sec Big-Axe Jacks 
30-Sec Dumbbell Lateral Raise
30-Sec Rest

60-Sec Tuck Jumps
30-Sec Dumbbell or Barbel Bicep Curls
30-Sec Rest

Do Entire Workout 3 TIMES for a 30-minute workout.

Even if you already hit it hard – HIIT It Harder! 

hiit it hard workout


Positive NRG

I live, work, and sleep fitness.  I have since I was 13 years old.  But being fit doesn’t exempt any of us from that dreaded 3:00 feeling.  What 3:00 feeling?  Go park your car outside a Starbuck’s or any local “Cafeinatorium” at 3pm.  Never fails, at about 3:00 the drive through will be wrapped around the building with “zombified” patrons willing to spend six dollars for a cup of lightning that can reignite their heart beat for at least two more hours… 5:00.  Caution my fellow caffeine addicted drones… what goes up must come down.  The high that espresso will give you is also going to leave you bottomed out,  lower than where you started.  The combination of caffeine and sugar will cause your blood sugar to spike followed by a crash.  In this quest for any substance, short of Meth’, that will help us to maintain energy, focus, and performance with no crash,  I’ve come across a brand new product released by GNC that provoked my interest.  There are a lot of products available that boast of boosting your energy, yet very few are able to keep their promises!

In the fitness industry, I need energy reserves that I can call on instantly, but that don’t give such a huge rush of adrenaline that I get agitated, or so jacked that I can’t focus. On the other hand,  I definitely can’t take anything that is gonna leave me “zombified” when I have to teach a kick boxing class late in my day.  So, if not coffee, if not crack… what?

The rap artist 50 Cent just launched an energy drink distributed by GNC called Street King.  It delivers 6 hours of steady energy without leaving you lethargic or tired.  I took Street King immediately before a work out and was pleasantly surprised that it pushed me the entire workout without fading.  I had no upset stomach, no shaky feeling, no spacey moments that I’ve gotten with many other energy drinks.  I also enjoyed the recovery after my workout.  Not only was there no crash, but I was able to recoup faster, finish working and take Bonnie out for a great evening that lasted way past the 6 hour mark.  Upon retiring for the evening I had no restlessness, no jitters, no regrets.  Street King was the total package, and I can honestly recommend it to anyone needing that push to the edge.  To top off the performance of this product, for every shot of Street King purchased, 50 Cent will provide a meal for a starving child through the United Nations World Food Program.  Now that is “positive energy”

Pfiesterism “Cafeinatorium” any establishment that legally distributes lethal doses of stimulants injested by humans resulting in a state of  “Javariousness”

Pfiesterism “Javariousness” A  Zen state of being, brought about by the first sip of coffee.  When the temperature and taste of the coffee are complimented by the weather and blissful calm that surrounds you, and the planets are aligned in your astrological favor. That is a state of “Javariousness”

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