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If you Run from the fight, you might miss the Glory!

The temporary pleasure of sin will never out weigh the devastating long term consequences, as the temporary pain of training will never out weigh the amazing long term consequences! 

Bonnie and I were both brought up in the south, and for many of us that means that we were in church everytime the doors were open.  One of the phrases you hear a lot in the church is “we really hate SIN”.  Don’t tune me out, I’m about to make a point.  As much as church, Bon and I in our adult lives spent a lot of time in the gym as well.  One of the phrases we hear all of time at the gym is “I love my workout”.  So “we hate sin and love our workouts” hmmm

Hate Sin?  Not at all.
We love sin, its exciting, feels good, it’s attractive, it taste good, it’s a total rush…  No we don’t hate sin.  What we hate is the consequences of our sin.  Sin can lead to drug addiction. divorce, obesity, disease, or even death – not to mention total seperation from the Dude who created you.  (another blog, another time).  But to say we hate sin, well, that just isn’t true – but to truly hate the devastating affects of sin is such a huge reality it isn’t a lie to say “I hate sin”.  Hold on, here it comes…

Love your workout? Not truly… 
Right now I am doing 315 pound shruggs.  I think I just popped every vertebrae in my back, just ripped a callous, my legs are trembling and I have sweat in my eye and a charlie horse in my calf.  Love my workout? …not so much.

HOWEVER, I absolutely love the consequences that I experience from working out.  Health, aesthetics, energy, increased self esteem, confidence, the ablility to defend myself and my family against danger, and vitality are all considered bliss – directly related to the suffering and drudgery of the afformentioned workout.  Knowing the amazing results of hard training, I can honestly say, “I love my workouts”!

The same way a person who has been caught up in SIN becomes so hurt and disgusted with that lifestyle, another can honestly say they love working out becuase of the amazing results and positive influence, that it can acutally be said, “I love my workout”

In short...The temporary pleasure of sin will never out weigh the devastating long term consequences, as the temporary pain of training will never out weigh the amazing long term consequences! 

How do we change our belief system to be able to honestly say… “I love training”?

1. Set goals and BELIEVE you can attain them.

2. Visualize the prize (end game) seeing the goal as if its complete.

3. Make a plan that is realistic and effective to meet your goal.

4. Grow a pair.  Dont be afraid to “gut it out”. Know it will be worth it.

5. Start over a million times – but dont quit, not even once!


Left Undone

You know when you meet someone and they have such a gentle spirit that you just know in some way they will be special to you whether or not you invest in a friendship?   Every time you run into them you light up and feel incredibly comfortable opening up to them.  I guess in a way you are just attracted to their humility or smile or energy or whatever…

I met a man like this and never thought anything of it.  I would see him where I work out from time to time.  He has the most beautiful daughter.  She must be 8 or 9 years old.  She is like a little princess following her father around the gym and sometimes shadowing me from time to time.  She was such a delight…  I had to leave for work for a couple of months and fell out of touch.  Because we were not close (for no other reason than my own selfishness), when I returned home I didn’t realize that he was no longer there.  A couple of weeks ago I ran into him in the grocery and I lit up like I always did before when I would see him.  He is just that kind of guy.  He asked me where I had gone and we “bs’d” about my “important TV show” that I had been away taping, and then I asked him what he has been up to.  That is when his smile faded and he swallowed hard… with peace still on his face he began to tell me that his precious daughter had been in a diabetic coma for over a month and also suffered a severe stroke from complications.  My friend Tom knew I had a degree in Physical Therapy and also knew I didn’t work with children but asked, if I was willing, if I would try to help her.  Willing?  I am completely overwhelmed and honored that he would even ask! That was at least three weeks ago.  Since then Read the rest of this entry

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