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There’s Only 1 Thing You Should Quit

never give up


Defeat Feeling Defeated

Have you ever felt like this?  As I sit here,  I am looking my circumstances square in the face.  My body aches from training hard, I’m hungry and weak from cutting weight, business is slow and all the stress that comes with that, mostly, I’m just beat down and feeling sorry for myself.  It seems the harder I try, the more defeated I feel.  The harder I fight, the more overwhelming my circumstances become.  I want to just pull the covers up over my face until it all goes away.

New Flash:
No body is going to come save you.  Nobody is going to train your body for you, eat good for you, fix your financial and business woes, and take care of your family  just because you are struggling…

Probably, like you, I have some amazing people I can ask for help. But, if anything is going to get better, it will require me getting out of this funk and taking action.  I am not defeated.  No different than sparing, when you get knocked down… you get up again!!!! and maybe again, and again…

Put your circumstances in perspective.  The end of the world is coming but it isn’t here right this second, so take a breath and write down your problems.  As we take a step back, what was once overwhelming and so close to our face it was all we could see, is now getting smaller and smaller.

Plan of action:
For each concern, go ahead “face on” write down worst case scenario.  Look the worst that could happen straight in the face, but realize there are always more options with a higher likelihood of occurring than the worst case scenario.  List your options for dealing with the worst.

Now list some options with better outcomes and a plan of action to direct this train wreck in that direction. “When we are amongst dark heavy circumstances, just because you can’t stop them dead in their tracks doesn’t mean you can’t steer them in a better direction until they slow on their own”

Your plan of action should consider realistic action and outcome.  By making this list, it will inspire hope and perspective.  Hard work and consistency, with a positive attitude, will always win out over circumstances.  Circumstances can’t always be controlled, and they also are always temporary, your attitude can be controlled and should be a constant regardless of our circumstance.

Higher Power:
We should all agree this planet, along with all we see, came from somewhere at some point.  I know its hard to wrap your head around it, but thinking all of this came from nothing is an even harder task.  So, I would employ you to ask the maker of all of this to give you peace and direction.  The God who made this place is big enough to help you through this carnage – but it will come after you are ready to pull the covers off of your hidden face, put all of this in perspective, and execute your plan of action.

Winston Churchill

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