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Bikini Workout: Leg Day

sexy legsHere’s a new Leg Workout I designed for my bikini boot campers last week – created for the gym. Give it a try!

Rest Time:
45 SECONDS max rest time between sets
2 minutes between exercises

Hack squats: 4 sets/15 reps each
suggested: start with 1-25lb plate on only one side.

Try to increase each set,  BUT it is more important to get 15 reps than go heavier and stop early

Single leg leg press: 4 sets/20 reps each
suggested: start with 1-25lb plate on only one side.

Try to increase each set,  BUT it is more important to get 20 reps than go heavier and stop early

hamstring curls

Ham string curls: 5sets > #1 20 reps, #2 18 reps, #3 15 reps, #4 15 reps, #5 12 reps
Suggested: Start at 35lbs and go heavier by 5-10lbs every set.  Please maintain your reps

Leg Extension: 5 sets/ 15 reps
Suggested: Start at 40lbs and go up.  But keep you reps up


Lean Legs Women’s Workout: 4 Exercises, 30 Sets, 400 Reps

Lean Leg WorkoutIt is rare women want big bulky legs. Normally, they way long, lean and mean looking smoking hot thin, but fit legs. Here is a workout that is designed to develop tone lean legs. Give it a try and let me know how you like it.

Resistance: Adjust the weight for your strength. The weight I am listing below is the average weight of my clients did. Even if you can go heavier, the key to this workout is not weight, but repetition with little rest. If it isn’t challenging enough, you need to reduce rest time and/or increase resistance (and depth of squats).

Rest time: To help you gage rest time, my suggestion for little rest would be approximately 20-30 seconds. Moderate rest would be closer to 30-45 seconds. Regular rest (like standard weight training) would be approximately 60 seconds rest).

7 Sets of DEEP Squats

deep squats

Trainer’s Note: Squat below 90 degrees, holding your core tight, keeping your back straight and driving each rep with your heels.

45lb Bar X 15 (very little rest)
65lb X 15 (very little rest)
75lb X 15 (little rest)
85lb X 15 (moderate rest)
95lb X 15 (moderate rest)
75lb X 15 (very little rest)
65lb X 15

3 Sets of Leg Extension

leg extensions

40lb X 15 (minimal rest)
50lb X 15 (moderate rest)
60lb X 15

Note: Increase weight if this is too easy. Machine tension varies per machine.

7 Sets of Hack Squat 


0lb (just the rack) X 15 (very little rest)
25lbs X 15 (very little rest)
50lbs X 15 (little rest)
75lbs X 15 (moderate rest)
100lbs X 15 (moderate rest)
50lbs X 15 (little rest)
0lbs (just the rack) X 15

Note: The Hack Squat rack, or sled, can weigh from 45-75lbs.

3 Sets of Leg Extension 

50lb X 15 (30 seconds rest)
50lb X 15 (30 seconds rest)
50lb X 15 (30 seconds rest)

10 Sets of Hamstring Curls

10 Sets of 10 reps at 45lbs, with 10 seconds rest

leg curls

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Post Competition Leg Workout

Nano 3.0I just competed in a bodybuiding competition in Port St Lucie, Florida Saturday, August 24th with 10 other athletes from Team Max (our competition team of bikini, figure, bodybuilding and physique athletes) from our gym, Max Fitness Club.

I trained and dieted for this event for about two months, counting every calorie in and every calorie out. I treated every rep of every exercise as if someone else was doing it better. I did 3-a-day cardios and worked my abs harder than I ever have before. I truly pushed my body to what I felt was the limit. The outcome?  Awww sweet success, but what do I do now?

Treasure Coast Classic

Nano 3.0I decided I would compete again in 4 weeks, with some of my clients, so there is no way to take a week off (which is what I would usually do to allow my body to heal).  So, here I sit Monday morning having to do legs and my body is still so achy, sore, and depleted from the crazy carnage from the weekend. I strap on my new favorite lifting shoes, my new Nano 3.0’s and off I go!

I decide that whatever I do today will need to be submax, and less intense – maybe I’ll add a little more rest time and decrease the resistance.  Off I go…

POST COMPETITION LEG DAY… just to get started again

Quadriceps and glutes:

A. Leg press
Five sets starting very light and adding resistance every set for five easy sets,

Set1: 2 plates X 30 reps (wide foot placement)
Set 2: 4 plates X 30 reps (moderate foot placement)
Set 3-5: 6 plates X 30 reps (3 each side) (alternating foot placement from narrow to wide)

NOTE: the Nano 3.0 gives great feed back and response while doing leg press.  Love that feeling.

B. Deep Squats
Five sets starting ridiculously light and working my way to just 135.  All I want to day is to stretch out the carnage from flexing this weekend.  I need to move the weight through a long range of motion safely.

Set 1: 95lbs X’s 20 reps (deep as safely tolerated)
Set 2-5: 135 X’s 20 reps (deep as tolerated)

NOTE: the Nano 3.0’s provide stability and true feel from the floor through the lift that you just cant get with any other shoe outside of a oly-lifting shoe.

C. Leg Extension
let’s keep this slow and methodical.  Five sets using each rep as an opportunity to squeeze theses muscles into a full contraction.

set 1: 100lbs X’s 15
set 2: 120 X’s 15
set 3: 140 X’s 15
set 4 150 X’s 15
set 5 160 X’s 15

NOTE: in most open chain exercises (where your feet aren’t planted or connect to a machine’s surface), the only benefit the Nano 3.0 has to offer is how cool it makes me feel wearing it,,, lol

So there it is… my post competition workout.  I hope this helps you after a race, a meet, or any competition.  After meeting our fitness goals, and competing, it is always hard to find a way to “restart”.  But follow this easy 2 step guide:

Step 1:  Pick a goal
Step 2: Go to the gym

Yep, it’s pretty much that simple.

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

22-Minute Fat-Melting Leg-Thrashing Workout

kettlebellIt used to be enough for someone to just sit on a leg press machine, bang out 12 reps and rest for 2 minutes before hitting it again. Sure, that might have sculpted pretty muscle, but people weren’t actually fit. Now, fitness is about (wait for it) actually being physically fit. Meaning, fit people should not only LOOK fit, but BE fit too. When a workout is done properly, you can actually get more out of the same amount of time invested. Why? Because instead of doing 30 minutes on the treadmill and pumping iron for another 30 minutes, you can combine the two for one very magical workout.

By combining resistance exercises in a circuit, with little to no rest, you get your heart racing and your muscles firing all in one great workout. Sure it’s hard, but the results are SO worth it!

No Gym? No Problem!

You don’t have to have a big gym to get a good workout in. This workout only uses a jump rope, med ball and some free weights – but you can even modify that.

Affordable Home Gym Wish List

Workout Gear

Jump Rope
Good Pair of Tennis Shoes
3 Sets of Dumbbells – Light, Medium and Heavy
One Bar & a set of 5lb, 10lb, 25lb plates to start
(you can always add more!)
Collars (to lock weights on the bar)
1 Set of Bodylastics Bands
1 Adjustable Bench
1 10-12lb Medicine Ball
1 Yoga Mat
1 Heavy Kettlebell (25lb or 35lb)

22-Minute Leg Workout

Here is an example of this type of fast and effective workout I did with a client yesterday  – and my legs are really feeling it today!

Overhead Squat#1: 4 ROUNDS
30 Double Unders
15 Overhead Squats (with PVC/or bar)
Goal Time: 4 minutes

#2: 4 ROUNDS
10 Left/10 Right Dumbbell Snatch with Overhead Squat, 25lbs
20 Figure 8 Medicine Ball SitUps, 12lb medicine ball (click on link to see video demo)
Goal Time: 10 minutes

#3: 4 ROUNDS
10 Left/ 10 Right 1-Leg Romanian Dead Lift, 35lbs
15 85lb Trusters
Goal Time: 8 minutes

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I Delight in Weakness: My Leg Workout

“I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” II Cor 12:10

Another Dreaded Leg Day

I’m not preaching, so hear me out.  Today is another dreaded leg day. You see, five weeks ago I tore my medial meniscus and my MCL in my left knee. (That’s me with Dr. Stepanek of Total Health using Cold Laser Therapy on my knee – just one of my many steps to my rehabilitation). I was 2 weeks away from my first submission wrestling and jujitsu tournament since high school.  Within seconds, I went immediately from being on top of the world and in the best shape physically and emotionally I’ve ever been in, to complete devastation.  So now you understand how today, leg day, brings me to a place where I must dig deep to continue dredging through this grind of a workout.

I want so bad to load up the leg press and get this done, but here I sit with no weight and limited range of motion, and hurt. Amazing how a person can sweat just from the anticipation of something hurting.  Next, I stare at the leg extension like an ex girlfriend that cheated on me with my best friend. Slowly we catch eyes. Then the nausea sets in.  As I get close she welcomes me to sit down. Cordial at first, then she cracks a smile, and brings the pain train – but no way will she beat me.  I will endure, I will break through.  Whatever the cost, the patience, the ability to endure. I will sit here till I learn this lesson.

If I can grind this out today, if I can work through this, if I can make this knee stronger… Imagine what I will do when I am 100% again. During weakness, through insults, enduring hardships, experiencing persecution or difficulties, let it DRIVE you.  Search for modifications, instead of excuses.  What you will find is MORE drive, MORE will, MORE guts, and MORE heart than you have ever experienced! You may just become your strongest in those weakest moments.

My Leg Workout

Note: I split my workouts up, but you can do them all at once. I use a variety of free weights, Hammer Strength Equipment, Body Master Equipment and Life Fitness cardio. train at Max Fitness. Click on the links below to watch video demonstration from FitStudio by Sears.

6:45 am  Cardio
Elipticle 10 minutes
plate crunch  3 sets 25 reps
Elipticle 10 minutes
reverse decline rollups 3 sets 20 reps
Elipticle 10 minutes

2pm Quads
leg press (Can substitute for squats) 5 sets 25 reps – 1: warm-up, 2: 90lbs 3: 180lbs 4: 270lbs 5: 270lbs
single leg extensions 5 sets 20 reps (partial ROM on left) 80lbs
Single leg Leg press (can substitute for one-leg squat) 4 sets 20 reps (partial ROM on left) 80lbs

4pm Hamstrings
4 sets each leg Seated Hamstring curl (On HammerStrength Weight Equipment)
(left) 10 pounds 30 pulse reps, (right) 60 pounds 15 reps sets
4 sets Laying Hamstring Curl
(left) 20 pounds 15 reps, (right) 45 pounds 15 reps
4 sets Straight leg dead lifts 135 pounds 15 reps

ROM = Range of Motion

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