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In Fitness, You Deserve What You Get

I’ve heard it said that nothing in life is easy. Have you ever tried failing, quitting, stopping, or even just not caring?  That is about the only easy stuff in life, and those things, my friends, are a dead-end road to complete misery. So indeed it does seem like everything in life that is worth having is totally worth fighting for, the same as the things in life that seem to come easily are less appreciated and sometimes are taken for granted.

Our physiques and health is no different.  When being healthy is a fight, a real fight, the fight makes you appreciate your health to a degree that would confuse other people. When you have to go to war in your cerebellum to get your body off the couch and out the door for a run, or you have to dig deeper than you think you should to convince yourself to go to the gym, don’t you know that in and of itself is sweet victory.

When is the last time you had an amazing workout, only to the leave the gym thinking, “that was a waste of time” ??? NEVER!!!! But how often are we getting ready for bed, kicking ourselves for not making time for the gym?  I’ve even said out loud, “Darn it’, I should have gone to the gym when I was thinking about it”!

If you’re not willing to fight for what you want… You deserve what you get.


Click on the Links to see video instruction for exercises from FitStudio 

6:45am Shoulder Couplet Workout & Cardio

#1 SUPERSET – No rest between A & B. 30 seconds rest between sets.
A: 15 reps Seated Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
B: 15 reps Reverse Pec Deck (Alternative workout with bands: Reverse standing fly)
5 Sets

#2 SUPERSET  – No rest between A & B. 30 seconds rest between sets.
A: 15 reps Lateral Raises
B: 15 reps Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press
5 Sets

A: 15 reps Front Raise
B: 10 reps Standing Alternating Dumbbell Press (Alternating left & right arms, we call them Ladders)

CARDIO: 500 Calories of Elliptical (32 minutes)

5:45 Arms

#1 SUPER SET – Complete both A & B back and forth with little rest PRN
A: 10 reps Standing Straight Bar Curls
B: 10 reps Standing Pulley Tricep Extension (with Rope Attachment instead of handles)

#2 SUPER SET – Complete 2 sets of A then 2 sets of B, repeating 5 times with little to no rest.
A Right: 10 reps Seated Concentration Curl
A Left: 10 reps Seated Concentration Curl
Repeat x 2
B Right: 10 reps Tricep Kickbacks
B Left: 10 reps Tricep Kickbacks
Repeat x 2


Putting Supplements to the Test: Performance Vs. Physique

Here we go again. 
The story began 5 months ago when I had an opportunity to try a line of supplements from GNC.  It wasn’t a challenge as much as it was an experiment.  I used this 90 day experiment to get ready for a few media events that BCX was contracted to complete.  If you read my story you already know how aprhensive I was to rely on a new, and unknown, supplement regimine.  Any trainer or nutritionist will tell you, training and diet is extremely important – but we were talking about taking it to the extreme. You know, I’m talking about the last little bitty pounds…. the “miniscule” amount of water and fat that seems impossible to rid our butt and gut of.  So, tried and true was the extreme transformation, it was truly “Beyond Raw”.  So what now?

Physique vs Performance
I saw my physique change, but what about performance.  Aesthetics is one thing, but what could Beyond Raw do to how my body could perform?  My “huckleberry”,  Alfonso Morreti (AKA “The Angry Trainier”) and I are not afraid to put our phsysiology on the line to give you guys answers.  He and I are average Joe’s with a passion for results.  We want to know what works – and what is just fluff.  No doubt, Beyond Raw can chisel a 42 year old body, but can it take this physique to a level of performance that normal biology would deem,  EXTREME?

I want to know if Beyond Raw can increase performance – and if so, in what disciplines.  I know I can get leaner and build muscle at the same time – proved that already.  Now I want to know, can these supplements make me stronger, more powerful, faster, create endurance, increase repair, and maintain leaness?

I want to know what discipline of exercise, in what arena’s, and what environments, could these supplements be employed to take both aesthetics and performance to a level that is Beyond Raw. (side note… every time I write “BEYOND RAW”, in my head, I say it like an announcer with a really deep voice).

My next experiment:
I plan to test the limits of GNC’s Beyond Raw line beyond aesthetics.  To put these supplements to the test, we will see what they can do to take this physique from competing against aesthetics of body building in july, to a ½ Iron Man in September, to a MMA tournament in October. For some, this may not be crazy. But I promise this is already sounding insane to me – “beyond insane”.  I havn’t competed in body building in over 6 years, I have no experience with marathons or tri’s (NONE!), and I just started training in mma late last year.

My goal is to “compete  and complete” each tournament.  Semper Persevera… never give up!!!!

Stay Tuned…

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own. 

GNC Beyond Raw Seriously Motivating Video

If this doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will. This is the new line of products I’m on, (which I love by the way!)

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