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Goodbye 2013: Live With Fire in ’14

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My 2013 literally ended with a “BANG“! On Friday December 13, 2013, I was standing in my office at Max fitness when I heard the most violent and sharp “POP”.  I was a 12B (combat engineer) in the army, and immediately my training from Ft Leonardwood was recalled in the split seconds that followed the sound of an explosion.  The room was instantly filled with powder residue and my ears were ringing as I walked around the small office disoriented and confused.  I remember thinking that I must have set off a small device designed as a prank.  A few seconds later, still confused, I realized if it were a prank, something had gone horribly wrong.

gunshot woundMy legs were aching and bleeding badly, like someone took a baseball bat to my knees, yet still I stood. I never thought to call out for help, as I was still dazed in my office with the door shut and the light off.  I’m not sure how long I would have stood there bleeding trying to make sense out of this if one of my employees hadn’t thought to check on me. He entered the office and immediately says “oh Steve, you’ve been shot”.  As much as I was totally confused about having been shot when I was by myself in my office, I was relieved to know why I had holes in both legs.

Gunshot wound

He laid me down and we began working on getting the bleeding stopped, and my staff called paramedics for help. As I started making sense out of the gun shot, realizing it wasn’t a small bomb, I was able to calm my mind a little in the bloody smoke filled office.  With the confusion subsiding, my legs began to start hurting. And hurt they did…  The 40 caliber hollow point round had come from an adjacent office through my legs and continued into another office finally stopping in a metal cabinet. The powder residue that seemed like an explosion was merely the powder from the bullet going through drywall. With everything coming together in my head, this is the point where I was finally calming down, except for the pain… I picked up my phone and started taking “selfies”.

Steve PfiesterHaving a degree in physical therapy I know the damage and destruction that an accident like this can have on arteries, bone and nerves. My legs felt paralyzed and I was bleeding from both thighs.  At the time I was thinking the worse. Did it hit my femoral artery? My leg hurt with an intensity I’ve never felt. Surely both femurs were broken in pieces.  Hitting nerves never entered my mind until the bleeding slowed. Oh, the relief that overwhelmed me as I sat up and could move both feet. Praise God! I’m not paralyzed, just wounded.  The bleeding began to slow, which confirmed no arterial damage, and I was able to bare weight as the paramedics put me onto the gurney for transport.

gunshot hole

The 40 caliber bullet went through 3 offices, 2 legs and and a filing cabinet.

Super long story short, I spent the rest of the night in the ER learning how blessed I truly was that both legs were just soft tissue damage. How could a 40 caliber hollowpoint round from about 5 feet away go through both legs and not cause any permanent damage? I will tell you how – but that’s another blog for another time.

I wanted to tell you this story for a few reasons.  One, first and foremost, how can any of us ever deny that our maker is merciful and full of grace to watch over us, even in the times we let our guard down the most. Second, no matter what circumstances we deal with throughout our lives, we HAVE to believe we are allowed to endure them to make us stronger – emotionally, physically, mentally, and yes… spiritually!  There is not one single thing you’ve ever experienced in your life that could not be used to make you a more loving husband, a better father, a better friend, or even a better athlete.  Reebok has a slogan that me and other bloggers use when we use social media, and never has it meant more to me than these last 2 weeks.  #LIVEWITHFIRE

steve and bonnie pfiester

Reebok livewithfireThis my friends, is my plea to you. LIVE WITH FIRE! In everything you do, resolve to yourself that everything you experience can make you better. Yes, even the messes we make ourselves. Those are especially the best in making us better. I no longer believe in coincidence, or luck (good or bad). I believe in “providence”  that all things can work together for good. But that is completely up to us and what we believe about our situation!

NO whining, no unforgiveness. Be patient and think about your circumstances and how they can soon (not right now, but on the on the end of whatever it is) grow you into who you are supposed to become!  Live with fire, take those lemons, and make lemonade!!!!

Reebok NanosagePS: A very special thanks to Reebok for the timely delivery of these super comfy shoes that I would highly recommend the next time you are shot in both legs and can’t put on regular shoes. lol These are the Reebok Crossfit Nanossage. They are designed to help you decompress post workout (or post shootout!). They are even machine washable, just in case you get blood, I mean sweat, on them. 😉 They are so soft you will want to purrrrr.

Inspired by the foam roller, this shoe is built on a natural last and features a 4mm drop with ultra soft cushioned foam. Dual web pull entry allows for easy on, easy off – thank goodness for me, they were indeed easy on, easy off! The perfect recovery shoe!!

Reebok Nanossage


Function or Fashion: Let’s Talk Shoes

Recently, I was part of a national fund raiser for Safe Space, a womens refuge center.  The name of the event was called “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes“. It was the most fun, and painful, philanthropic events I’ve ever done.  It is all men, walking 1 mile in red high heel shoes. That’s me, 2nd to the left, with my friends (left to right), Dr. Nick Cappola, Tommy Chiarenza and Dr. Clark Beckett.The only thing freakier than the muscular calves of the man walking in front of me, was the guy walking in front of him – that guy was walking just a little TOO good!

After I got home and told Bonnie (my wife) all about the crazy fun, then I had to bow down and give her kudos for wearing such horrific contraptions on her feet.  I asked her why she would endure such torcher day after day?  Her answer; “high heels just look so good”.

When everything is said and done, are we gonna kill ourselves in the gym to sculpt our physiques,  just to put our “nerd” on to go back to the office?  If we are going to work so hard to feel and look better, we should want gear that will accentuate our hard work. High heels may hurt, but they look so darn good.

Have My Cake & Eat It Too

What if we could marry the two – function AND fashion?  I was in Boston late last week getting a unique behind-the-scenes look at a company that is making that happen.  Class after phenomenal class, we had researchers and developers explaining the amazing research and engineering it takes to create functional gear. We then spoke to the merchandisers that research what the consumers are asking for in the form of workout gear.  The people leading our discussions were intense about listening. They didn’t come up with a great idea and find a way to sell it. They looked to us, as a fitness professionals and consumers, to tell them what WE need.

Interestingly enough, this company lives and breathes fitness themselves.  Their headquarters are built around a stellar state -of-the-art fitness center, and currently has over 1/2 their 1000+ employees at headquarters actively training in an intense training regime known as CrossFit.  These guys are truly the creme de la creme of fitness.  When it comes to development, they know what questions to ask.  The amazing company I am referring to is Reebok.  But lets call it Reebok 2.0!

(Here I am getting a workout in at Reebok CrossFit One. Totally awesome experience!)

I already liked Reebok because I loved all their cool colors and styles that have come out recently. But now I understand all the technology that goes into each shoe and how each style of shoe can help me reach my goals.

Reebok isn’t just designing stylish shoes. They are designing stylish functional shoes that can help you reach your goals. For instance, the Reebok Nano was born for function, even though it just looks like a pair of sweet kicks. This great functional trainer not only comes in awesome colors, and is totally customizable online, they have insane features like skid-proof soles that are great for plyo box jumps so you don’t slip and bust your a**, and a totally unique lug pattern (like a tire) on the outside rim of the sole for gripping climbing rope. A tougher sole for heavy abuse, abrasion resistant toe and a tough durable sole makes this shoe more than functional, it makes it successful.

If you are shoe shopping, you probably wouldn’t know all of the coolest features just by looking at it. It just looks like Reebok got fashionable. If you are in the market for a new shoe, you need to do your homework and check out some of the awesome info videos on Reebok’s website or youtube.

Here’s a Quick Review for the Nano from Austin, one of the guys we trained with this weekend in Boston.


Do you realize how successful you and I would be if we engineered our workouts and diets with the same philosophy as Reebok.  What if we looked at our end goals first and developed our training around that.  Think of the purpose you would have every time you showed up to the gym, knowing your plan of attack was completely designed to get you exactly the results you desired. For example; Dont eat a pizza and then figure out how it fits into your diet. Instead, develop you diet around your needs, tastes and desires.

Making a plan when you already know what the desired outcome is saves time, pain, and the potential of quitting.  It is a sure proof way of surpassing your goals.

Get after it… stay after it!!!!

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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