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Custom Shoes: Come and Get It

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

paul-jrWhat if you were charged with designing a custom motorcycle, or overhaul the muscle car of your choice?  Money didn’t matter, and you would be able to drive it within a month.  Ok, lets dial this down a little.  I do have a complete car fetish and I really enjoy my custom “sled”… but when it comes to shoes, I am just as big of a freak.

Reebok wanted me to design a custom shoe using their website.  I was completely stoked.  In my head I was going to design the most sick shoe ever known to mankind.  I’ll whip it up and blog about it and be done in about an hour… #EPICFAIL

reebok nano About 2 hours into it, I still haven’t even picked the base shoe I wanted to use. I love the Nano Speed that I have had for about 3 months, and I have so many different other shoes that are amazing, ugh. Where do I start? So, I started thinking. What is my most versatile “go-to” shoe? By far, it is my NANO 2.0 (below). They are over a year old, and I will wear them till they fall off my feet. Originally designed for CrossFit WOD’s, I use them in everything from boxing and wrestling, to my Olympic lifts, plyo’s, to sprinting, to Disney’s Animal Kingdom (pictured right), to church – yes, even wearing them out with my sunday best. And, no, I don’t go to church in spandex, fanny pack, and tanl (well, mostly I don’t).  OK, task one, complete.  We are making NANO 2.0‘s!

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 1.28.46 PM

I click on the website and begin to design my own Nanos again.

You can pick a general design that exists already or you can start with a total clean slate. “Alrighty”, I’m thinking. “Be original”, I’m thinking.  “Holy Crap its been another two hours”, I’m thinking.  YIKES!  The entire process is completely addicting!  Its hard because there are literally thousands of combinations – and they all look amazing.

Back to the drawing board.

nano blank

I decide to peruse what others have designed as well as looking at past reebok designs.  I’m still desiring to have a one off shoe. My pride wont let me even think about borrowing a design – well, sorta. I find a few that are definitely along the lines of what I imagined, I just needed some inspiration to get there. Truth be told, I would have saved myself about 3 hours if I would have sucked up my pride and looked at the amazing shoe designs that Reebok has already created.

reebok custom shoesNevertheless, off I go. I even add my own little inscription, taken from King Leonidas I at the Battle of Thermopylae. When the Persians demand for the Spartans to lay down their weapons Leonidas says to the Persians, “Molon Labe” (Come and Get Them). Do you see now why this shoe must exude some serious attitude. You cant inscribe that on a pink sneaker (not that pink sneakers aren’t cool).

By the end of this really fun ordeal I have no less than about 15 designs. I have the narrowed down to 6 (below).  I believe I can really choose between two.  It has really become a win-win scenario. They are both going to leave me with a pair I love, and a pair that I am going to have to have eventually anyway. Very sneaky Reebok, I see how you work. LOL

At the end of the day, thank you Reebok for this amazing opportunity to build my own Nano 2.O‘s. They truly are, to me, the most versatile shoe on the market today. But in the future, just send me one of your kick-butt designs.  I definitely can’t make it any better than the great designs you already have!

Black Nano


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